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Intensive and hands-on program spread for 13-Weeks you will be able to learn end-to-end product development. These 13-Weeks cover UI/UX Designing & Development, Javascript Programming, Playing with APIs & Frameworks, Data Structures & Algorithms etc to make you ready for industry.

Why JavaScript?

With the ability to handle both client-side & server-side scripting and create dynamic web applications using variety of frameworks, JavaScript is the most widely used language for Web-Development. It is also the base for getting started with deep technologies like Blockchain, AI, ML etc

Program Offerings

On successful completion of bootcamp candidates will be offered placement training and job-assistance, International Internships in US, Australia & UAE. Access to global network of The Hacking School and it's associated partner companies. Beautiful learning experience which everyone aims for.

Course Fee: $5000

We strive to produce the best quality of candidates who emerge as industry experts so we try to maintain the student to instructor ratio of 1:5. The course fee includes tuition-fee and accommodation.

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