Coding Bootcamp - FAQ's

Here are some FAQ's.

Yes, our coding bootcamp is designed for beginners. Any sort of programming/coding background is welcome, but we start from the absolute basics so you’re covered.

Each cohort runs for 13 weeks. It’s a full-time 5 days a week, 7-8 hours a day program designed to take an absolute beginner from zero to pro in 13 weeks.

  • You’ll learn Python for Data Structures & Algorithms.
  • You’ll learn Full Stack Javascript for web development
  • You’ll work with React Js - UI Font End
  • You’ll work with Node Js, Express Js - Backend
  • MongoDb - Database.
  • You’ll learn to deploy your products on Google Cloud Platform
  • You will also learn a lot of other frameworks based on the product you’ll building.

At the end of the coding bootcamp, you’ll have built at least 2 working full stack products from scratch. You’ll have learnt problem solving, logic building, product development and deployment.

Yes. We do assist our non-local students with accommodation options.

Yes, Do enroll in our online coding bootcamp on

Yes, we do offer placement assistance with our long list of hiring partners. However, we expect our applicants to bring in “founders mindset” - build things fast.

Yes, we do offer Study Now, Pay Later financial options after evaluating your profile. You’ll have to first submit your application. Apply Now

Absolutely! Our Program Team evaluates your profile for Program fitness after talking to you in-person/over a call. Also, you can still explore a career in coding by joining our pre-bootcamp, a preparatory program to get you ready for the full time, fullstack coding bootcamp.

Sure, you can find a lot of reviews and feedbacks of The Hacking School on their personal blogs. We can also put in touch with a few based on your request. Talk to your Program Manager to know more.