MEA/RN Stack

13-Week Full Stack Javascript programming and a hacker is born!

About us

Setting up your own development environment.
HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery selectors
Debugging Javascript code in browser.
Learning to use Webstorm.
Setting up Node.js with nvm, Node Debugging
Setting up GIT, GITHUB, SSH
Understanding node.js packages.
Express.js and MongoDb.
Wireframes and schema tools
Developing a CRUD application
Creating REST API for the demo product.
UI/UX Designing, Front-end basics, Backend basics, Database connectivity.
Graduation Dinner

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    Training 30%

    The training part will cover 30% of the curriculum guided by instructors. You'll be trained on the MEA/RN Stack to be the best in the industry.  Apply Now

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    Development 70%

    Most of the time at the bootcamp you will be spending time playing with the code. Practical application is necessary whenever it comes to becoming a good programmer.

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    Building amazing projects

    Project 1:Team Project (End-to-End Product Development)
    Project 2:If you have a great product idea , we will help you build that.

    Indian Students: $1550 International : $5000
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